Manatee Appreciation Day Celebrated in March

Manatees are beautiful and majestic marine mammals that migrate from Florida during the winter up to Virginia and Texas during the summer. These calm creatures can inhabit rivers, canals and coastal areas and spend most of their time eating and sleeping – sounds like a pretty good life, right? Although the manatee has a lifespan… Read more »

A Brief History of John’s Pass

John’s Pass is one of those places that is every water lover’s paradise. John’s Pass is a quaint village located in Madeira Beach, Florida. As a coastal town, visitors can find year round beautiful weather and breathtaking scenery. Fit with a delightful personality from residents and business folk, visitors will have much to be find… Read more »

New to Jet Skis? Here’s a Few Tips!

Jet skis are a great way to get out and enjoy the open water. However, for first-time riders, it is important to know how to properly ride these to avoid any complications out on the water. So whether you have just purchased one of your own or are going to be riding one for the… Read more »

Experience the Majesty of Manatees and Dolphins

Bordered on the west by the Gulf of Mexico, Madeira Beach is a beautiful and popular vacation spot in Pinellas County, Florida. Here in Madeira Beach, Woody’s Watersports is the place to go for parasailing and jet skiing. The Gulf of Mexico is teeming with wildlife, and if you want to give yourself a real… Read more »

Have a Full-Service Experience in the Gulf

As people start planning their getaways and winter vacation trips, many people are looking to flock to warmer climates to get away from the cold and snow. Florida’s Gulf Coast is a particularly popular place to spend your days in the sunshine, on the beach, and – of course – on the water. Jet skiing,… Read more »

Experience the Latest Watercrafts with Woody’s Watersports

At Woody’s Watersports, we want you to have the best experience the Gulf has to offer. We pride ourselves in offering the latest models of high-performance Jet Skis, waverunners and other personal watercraft that will make your day at the ocean both safe and fun. Whether you are planning a family trip or couple’s vacation,… Read more »

Hitting the Water? Make Sure You Have Proper ID!

We all enjoy ourselves in different ways when we hit the open water in Florida. Some simply go for a swim, while others find fun with water toys. If you are the latter, then it’s important that you make sure to bring proper ID to rent one of the fun watercraft from Woody’s Watersports. Say… Read more »

Ski On Waves, Not Moguls This Winter

Cold weather got you down? Already looking forward to a hot summer on the beach? Don’t wait! It’s beach weather in sunny Florida! Whether you are planning a family holiday trip, or just need a long weekend away from a cold winter, Madeira Beach, located just 35 minutes west of Tampa, has everything you need… Read more »

Fun Facts About Jet Skis

You may ride a PWC a handful of times every season, but how much do you really know about the history of the personal watercraft? There have been many different alterations to the PWC throughout the past several decades, with new technology continuing to enhance the riding experience. Not only do people ride jet skis… Read more »