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Spring Fun in John’s Pass Village

Madeira beachWhere is exactly is John’s Pass village and why can’t you find that name on the map? John’s Pass village is also known as Maderia Beach and was given the name “John’s Pass village” for the legendary man named John LeVique, who was the first European to settle into the area. John’s pass is known for fun in the sun and adventure.

This small piece of land is home to many eateries and shops and perfect for your next vacation. No matter what your age the area has something for your whole family. You can enjoy romantic midnight strolls on the beach, or maybe have some wet and wild fun in the water during the day. With all the technology children are exposed to nowadays, you need to really have something that will keep their interest in the real world. What better than a fast and furious jet ski outing! If that’s a little too exciting for grandma and grandpa, I’m sure they would love to stay ashore and take pictures for the next family scrapbook they are working on.

John’s pass village is also a destination for fishing. This could make for a fun day out on the water trying to bring in the big ones! And, if you come during the annual seafood festival you can celebrate food, arts and crafts all at the same time while enjoying the great weather.

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