5 Facts About the Gulf of Mexico

From dolphins to humans, thousands of species call the Gulf of Mexico their home, and for good reason. As the largest gulf in the world, this body of water is a unique part of our ecosystem, providing support and sustenance for millions of years. Read on to learn more: It formed 300 million years ago… Read more »

The Benefits of Sun Exposure

If you’re heading to Madiera Beach, then chances are you’re going to be out in the sun a lot. While too much sun exposure can be a harmful thing, getting just the right amount can bring you several benefits. Just be sure you’re wearing the right sunscreen as you’re soaking up those rays. Vitamin D… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Hurricane Season

No matter how many or how few you’ve been through, hurricanes should never be taken lightly. They can not only destroy homes, but also lives, which means everyone living or visiting the Gulf of Mexico should be well-prepared when a hurricane hits. In order to do that, you need to know everything there is about… Read more »

How to Protect Manatees When Boating

Manatees are among Florida’s best-loved animals. While they are no longer endangered, they are still considered “threatened,” so if you enjoy boating or jet skiing, it’s important to take steps to protect them. Look, but don’t touch Feel free to look at the manatees from a distance, but by no means get up too close… Read more »

Rip Currents: What They Are, How to Spot One, and How to Escape One

You’re swimming along the beach, having a good time, when suddenly a current overtakes you. It feels like you’re being pulled under, but in reality, you’re being quickly swept out to sea, the shore becoming smaller and smaller with each second. This is what happens when you find yourself in a rip current—one of the… Read more »

The Different Beach Flag Warnings

Whether you’re going out on the water or taking a stroll along the beach, you should always be aware of the different beach flag warnings. The beach flag warning system is meant to protect you from potentially dangerous elements, but you need to know what each flag means first. Here’s a quick list of the… Read more »

Jellyfish Stings: How to Prevent Them and How to Treat Them

Madeira Beach is home to all kinds of jellyfish: moon jellies, Atlantic sea nettle, cannonball, pink meanie and comb jellyfish, as well as two of the most dangerous types – the Portuguese man of war and the box jellyfish. This means you need to be on high alert for jellyfish both on the water and… Read more »