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The Different Beach Flag Warnings

Whether you’re going out on the water or taking a stroll along the beach, you should always be aware of the different beach flag warnings. The beach flag warning system is meant to protect you from potentially dangerous elements, but you need to know what each flag means first. Here’s a quick list of the different flags you could see and what they mean:

Green Flag – Low Hazard

A green flag means that the threat of danger is low, and you should be completely safe when heading out into the water. However, just because the green flag is out doesn’t mean you should do whatever you feel like. You should still exercise extra caution in the water and keep a close eye on children, just in case.

Yellow Flag – Medium Hazard

Unlike the green flag, a yellow flag means that there is a risk of danger, but it’s not life-threatening. In other words, ocean conditions are rough (moderate surf and/or currents), so swimmer should exercise extreme caution. Keep children and weak swimmers out of the water, and always stay near a lifeguard while a yellow flag is out.

Single Red Flag – High Hazard

A single red flag is a sign of high surf, dangerous currents, or both. A red flag is the most serious beach warning, so people are strongly discouraged to enter the water.

Double Red Flag – Water Closed to Public

A double red flag means that the beach and water are closed to the public because of extremely dangerous conditions.

Purple Flag – Dangerous Marine Life

Finally, a purple flag means that there is dangerous marine life out on the water or beach. This could mean jellyfish, stingrays, sea snakes, or other marine life except sharks. If a shark is in the water, then a red flag or double red flag will be hoisted.

Knowing the meaning of each flag warning will help you and your family stay safe in and around the water. But if you’re out along Madeira Beach and the green flag is hoisted, then why not take advantage of the calm waters? At Woody’s Watersports, you can book a jet ski rental online, or you can go on a Florida Tiki Tour. Call us at 727-391-0200 to learn more!

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