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Jet Ski Riding Tips and Techniques

It’s a beautiful, sunny day. The water is crystal clear, the tide is perfect, and the jet ski is ready to go. But before you embark on your ride, it’s worth touching upon some riding techniques, especially if you’re a beginner. That way you’ll not only have a fun time, but a safe time as well.

Keep the jet ski straight

Jet Ski Riding Tips and Techniques

Sounds easy right? Not so fast. Keeping a jet ski straight is a lot harder than it looks, especially for a beginner. The trick is to keep your eyes on the horizon, not the handlebars, to tell if your jet ski is riding completely straight on the water.

Standing up allows for more control

Using your legs to steer and absorb shock waves from the water will help you gain more control over your jet ski. To do this, place your feet slightly behind your shoulders with your knees bent. However, if you don’t feel comfortable standing up, don’t do it, and always make sure your feet are steady.

Relax and sit forward

If you decide to sit instead of stand, keep your body relaxed and lean slightly forward. This will reduce soreness and muscle strain later on. And when your jet ski lifts of the water, lift your body up off the seat slightly so that you’re not jarred upon impact.

Keep your finger on the throttle

With cars we want to slow down to avoid danger, but with jet skis you actually want to speed up. It seems odd, but your steering relies on your propulsion, which can only be achieved by speeding up. So keep one finger on the throttle at all times so that you can speed up to avoid any obstacles.

With these techniques in mind, you’re ready for your next jet ski expedition. At Woody’s Watersports, we’re happy to offer the latest, safest models from popular brands like Yamaha, and others. We have something for everyone! If you have any questions or concerns about renting a jet ski, contact us today by calling 727-391-0200 or make a reservation online!

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