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Packing Tips for your Family Vacation

family packing tipsIf you are traveling to Florida there are few things you will want to keep in mind no matter how far or near you are traveling from. Start making a list long before your travels and packing begins that way you can try to remember everything. You do not want to be taking a million trips to the store instead of enjoying the fun. When writing your list try to remember all the little things you use throughout the day, some of the little things like hairbrushes and contact cases might seem small. Those small things are the things that matter the most but also are often overlooked.

After you get through the packing list think about all the extras you will need. If you are traveling by car the entire way you will need more to entertain children then you may think. Best way to meet all the needs without breaking the bank is by visiting your local dollar store with your kids. Usually you try to leave the kids at home because you don’t want them picking up everything, well now you do! You want them to pick out the items that will be entertaining them. You may need to direct them to make good choices for a car ride but in the end you want them to be excited about a 10 hour car ride. There is nothing worse than the repetitive “are we there yet?” or “99 bottle of milk on the wall.” If you are traveling my air you may still need some entertainment but not as much, think light things because you will need to travel with them in your luggage.

Big family trips are something you will want to remember. So of course don’t forget the camera or camcorder to capture all those moments. One great idea is to have a “scent” trigger; no I don’t mean the smell of the fresh air when you get to Florida. In your luggage pack a new candle with a scent that you will always connect with this memorable trip. Every time you open your luggage on this trip you will smell the scent and your clothes will smell like this scent. Then when you go home you can light the candle and it will trigger those happy memories. Start planning your trip and then make the memories that will last a lifetime.

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