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Ocean Living More than Just Fun in the Sun

In the days before modern medicine, all-natural ocean air was considered the cure for almost all illnesses. Science backs this up, concluding a variety of health benefits from moist, salty air off the Atlantic Ocean. Better sleep and skin as well as less respiration problems are just a few health benefits of being near the ocean.

Full of negative ions, ocean air helps you sleep more soundly. That’s because negative ions help the body take in oxygen while balancing serotonin levels. This is crucial in allowing seaside sleepers to relax, sleep uninterrupted and wake up refreshed.

If you suffer from dry skin, ocean water is also better than a trip to the dermatologist. Studies show that the salt and potassium in the water can help heal skin and add to its elasticity. Spending time in the waves instead of time lathering skin with expensive lotion could be the key to younger looking healthier skin.

Breathing in ocean air each day can also lead to significant health benefits. For example, if you suffer from a respiratory issue, coastal air could greatly reduce negative symptoms. When the salty air fills your lungs, it thins mucous while improving lung function. You will subsequently experience reduced coughing and less pressure in the sinus cavities.

Living in close proximity to the ocean can also be good for the mind. The sun, sand and water, sounds of waves and smells of the ocean can all be therapeutic and perpetually calming. Less stress is great for a working immune system and a more productive mental state.

Seaside cities offer more to residents than just a nice view of the water. Health benefits from a more relaxed outlook to better sleeping all the way to resolving outstanding respiratory issues all come with the territory of living in a coastal environment.

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