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A Few Tips for Your First Time on a Water Scooter

PWC Safety Never taken a ride on a jet ski before? No problem! Keep these tips in mind for a fun and safe first time out on the water.

Before you even board the Jet Ski, make sure you’re wearing a life jacket. Even professional watersport athletes wear life jackets so they are always safe. Put on your life jacket and make all the adjustments necessary so its feels tight around your body and secure.

When you first get onto the jet ski, make sure to clip the shut-off clip to your waist. If you happen to lose your balance and fall into the water, the clip will trigger the engine to shut off. While it’s not common for people to fall off of Jet Skis, it is possible and its best to be prepared from the start.

So you have your life jacket on, and your shut off clip in place, now once you’re on the Jet Ski, slowly engage the throttle. Too many first timers speed away from shore only to hit a wave or turn to quick and end up in the water. Start slowly, around 10 miles per hour until you get used to the throttle and away from shallow water.

As a beginner, we also recommend to stay away from unfamiliar territory. Jet skiing in a high traffic area of a lake can quickly turn from fun to danger if you don’t know how to react to boats. Staying closer to shore, or in calmer parts of a lake is the perfect setting for your first outing. If you’re trying out a Jet Ski for the first time in the ocean, get past the waves but always stay in sight of shore.

The most important tip is to take your time and learn as you go. You don’t have to rush into jumping waves and hairpin turns. Take your time learning how the Jet Ski moves and how much throttle you need along the way. Staying safe and avoiding getting tossed into the water or flipping your Jet Ski is a great first time out on the water. Taking advantage of the tips discussed above as well as learning from veteran jet skiers are the best things you can do as a new rider. Book a rental now!

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