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Proper Watercraft Maintenance

Jet Ski Cleaning Procedures | Woody's Watersports

Properly cleaning your personal watercraft is imperative after each use to ensure its longevity. A few simple steps can mean the difference between thermal breakdown from corrosion and a great, lasting investment in your craft. Here are some tips to make sure that your watercraft stays in great shape:

  1. Immediately following each and every ride, attach and flush a fresh water source to your PWC nozzle for at least 4 minutes. This is especially crucial if you enjoy your craft in a saltwater environment.  It is important, however, to start the PWC before turning on the water and turning the engine off after the water is off.
  2. Moreover, for the final 30 seconds of the flush, add a rust inhibitor. You can use more generic lubricants for different purposes, but they also offer all in one options at your local boat supply store.
  3. The next crucial step to protecting your engine is evacuating the remaining water from your water box and engine compartment. To properly accomplish this, turn on your engine about 5 minutes after the flush and rev the engine to only 2-3 thousand RPMs, being careful to not heat the engine. Repeat this step about 1 half hour later.

These steps will protect your engine and efficiently expand your engine life. However, if you want to take the extra step, spray the entire inside of your hull and the jet nozzle area with regular hose water.

Protecting your investment is imperative from the inside out. Water corrodes steel. And if you let your watercraft sit after use without proper care or maintenance,  you are quickly shortening its lifespan.

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