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Surviving Your Florida Family Vacation

Most adults have vivid, happy memories of their family vacations growing up, and so as adults, can’t wait to take their kids. Family vacations are highly anticipated fun, but at the same time, most families don’t consider the fact that they’ll be spending a lot more time with each other than normal. Not to mention in some situations, you have to relinquish control and planning, and that’s hard for some people. Moods get tense and people get edgy, and a great vacation can become rough quickly.

To keep your vacation stress-free, happy, and lighthearted, consider a few helpful tips for keeping the positive energy flowing, getting the most out of your getaway.

Don’t wait until the last minute to arrange sleeping locations.

You’ll know ahead of time what kind of hotel you book, so you can assign beds and rooms to the appropriate family members. If you wait until you get to your room, you could have bickering siblings and arguments over who gets to sleep where.

Prepare yourself.

You know how everyone will act; people don’t change simply because they go on vacation. If you know someone gets cranky when hungry, don’t plan long trips without stopping for food. Alternatively, if you know someone has their heart set on a specific activity give everyone the option to go, but don’t force everyone to participate. Some people prefer adventure to relaxing on a beach, and vice versa. Always have an alternative option for those who are unimpressed with the current activity.

Give yourself enough alone time.

Plan a day where you can spend an hour or two alone, doing whatever it is you want to do. Relax at a spa, go parasailing, rent a Jet ski or go for an exhilarating hike. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll have time to relax and reflect and you’ll have a story to tell everyone when you return.

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