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3 Reasons to Take Your Kids to St. Pete Beach, Florida

A snowbird is a person, usually retired or elderly, who likes to travel from their home in the north to warmer climates in the south during the winter. Florida is the perfect place to escape the cold and enjoy life. You might have commitments too strong to be a snowbird, and that’s okay, but remember, everyone deserves a vacation.

If you’re planning a family vacation, it’s a great idea to visit St. Pete Beach, in St. Petersburg, Florida because of the warm weather, friendly locals, and all the fascinating things to do. Moreover, you’ll also have a long list of kid-friendly fun, making this the perfect location to set up shop.

Today, many families are busy. With kids taking a stronger interest in their careers at an early age, and with parents who sometimes hold more than one job, families just don’t have time like they used to. One of two things (or both) can eradicate the dream of a vacation: a lack of time or a lack of funds. Fortunately, there’s a way around that, and a way to remind you that vacations are a necessary expense. Of course, that’s a bold statement, but it’s true. Here’s why…

We Need the Sun

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin. Many people in the north unknowingly suffer from SAD. Humans need the sun, we depend on it, and in so many situations, we would die without it. The same goes for our happiness, we need exposure to the sun and adequate Vitamin D to treat this disorder. ‌ In addition to mood, Vitamin D keeps the nervous system functioning properly, and it helps boost the immune system. Since many people get colds and flus during the winter, this is especially useful.

All Work and No Play

Humans have a limit. You might think it’s easy being a kid, and that you’re the only one who needs a vacation. It’s easier being a kid than an adult, but that doesn’t mean it’s simply easy by any measure. Keep in mind; kids today are learning things in kindergarten that their parents learned in third or fourth grade. Between peers, popularity contests, homework, major projects, and planning their futures, kids get just as stressed out as adults, especially teenagers. Teenagers need a vacation more than anyone does, because they’re treated like children, yet expected to behave as adults. Studies show that school grades and attitudes improve after a weekend getaway or a winter vacation.

Kids feel Safe

When your children see you relaxing, having fun, and being yourself with no limitations, they feel safe. Your kids are accustomed to seeing you stressed or as an authoritative figure; if you let them see who you really are, they’ll be more willing to connect with you in the future. Moreover, you can create a tradition for them to pass on to their families.

If you’re on the fence about taking your kids on vacation, whether you’re worried about finances, time, or if you think they might become ‘spoiled’… don’t. Every human comes with his or her own wanderlust, and satisfying it at an early age leads to a happy, successful future.

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