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Benefits of Salt Water

It can be fun and relaxing to spend time in or by the ocean, but did you know salt water has health benefits as well? Here are some of the many ways that spending time near the ocean can be good for you!


Spending Time by the Ocean

In addition to salt, seawater contains many other minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which is great for hydrating and nourishing your skin. People with psoriasis often find relief from symptoms when in salt water, as do those suffering from eczema. Ocean water is even considered an antiseptic for wounds because of its high mineral salt content.


Swimming or bathing in seawater can also help your body’s blood circulation. The water restores essential minerals to the body that are often depleted by issues like stress and toxins in the environment. By getting the body’s mineral content back on track, blood circulation will be more steady and efficient.

Mental health

From our excitement over spa treatments, beach getaways, and more, we tend to associate the ocean with relaxation and renewal. Indeed, mineral-rich seawater is proven to relax muscles, decrease stress levels and even help us sleep. The feeling of weightlessness in the water can also have a calming effect, as do our breathing patterns while we swim.

With all the benefits of salt water, don’t hesitate to check out Woody’s Watersports in Madeira Beach, Florida and plan your fun-filled day in the ocean! We offer a large selection of Jet Ski rentals as well as parasailing.

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