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How to Ride Jet Skis With Kids

Are you going on a vacation and looking for things to do with the whole family? Don’t cross jet skiing off of your list – you can take your kids along for the ride as long as they have a personal flotation device and are positioned between two adults if they are extremely young.

Although jet skiing with children can be an enjoyable activity and great experience for all, it does require a little thought, preparation and planning.

When to begin?

According to the Coast Guard, your child should be at least 18 pounds and a personal flotation device should be able to fit them properly when going on any boat. If you decide to take children, be sure to take them for a fairly uneventful ride and try to stay within calmer waterways.

Where to put your child?

The best location for your little one is between two adults if possible. Your child may want to ride upfront to feel the waves splash them, however the possibility of their face coming in contact with the handlebars when you slowdown or hit rough water is fairly high. Even if your child is seated in the middle of two adults, keep the speeds slow and controlled, your child will be thrilled just by being on the Jet Ski.

Practice your response if your child goes into the water

If your child goes overboard and assuming there are two adults, have the adult in the back seat take control of the situation and inform the driver to stop the engine and remain on the Jet Ski. Before having the adult in the back jump in the water, make sure to check for boat traffic and potential dangers in the water. Next, swim to the child with your head above the water so you can constantly see them, make sure they are okay and help them back to the water craft.

If you wish to take your children on a new, safe and exciting adventure, book a jet ski online today! We are located in Maderia Beach Florida and are open 7 days a week!

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