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Embrace the Summer Heat by Riding the Waves

As you may know, summers in Florida are consistently hot and humid. Locals tend to jump from air conditioner to air conditioner during the day and the pool in the evening. But why not embrace summer a little more?

We think being on the water during Florida’s hot season is a great way to cool off and make great memories.

Jet skis give tremendous thrill? We think being on the water during Florida’s hot season is a great way to cool off and make great memories.

To avoid overheating, you probably have been sitting indoors with the air conditioning blasting. At first it seemed relaxing, now you might be itching for some adventure and thrill. If you hop on one of our jet skis you will feel the wind touch your face as you conquer some waves. Riding a jet ski can be some of the most fun you will ever have, just be sure to wear a lifejacket and follow the rules of the water. If you don’t want to experience this fun time on the water by yourself, bring a friend!

Jet skis are a fun and new experience

What other watercraft can give you the same level of excitement as a jet ski? If you are looking for an activity that gets your heart rate up, look no further. You can also see an impressive amount of sites in a small amount of time.

Jet skis might be good exercise

This point may spark some interest. Although riding on a jet ski won’t give you the ideal body you have been dreaming of, it does however, require work from your abdominals. To help balance yourself, you naturally engage your core stability muscles. According to Health Fitness Revolution, jet skiing is a great sport that burns a lot of calories. An average 150 pound person can burn 238 calories in the span of just 30 minutes!

If you are in the Madeira Beach area this summer, visit Woody’s Watersports, conveniently located in John’s Pass. You can be sure to experience high-quality equipment, excellent service and affordable prices. Learn more and check on jet ski rental availability online!

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