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New to Jet Skis? Here’s a Few Tips!

Jet skis are a great way to get out and enjoy the open water. However, for first-time riders, it is important to know how to properly ride these to avoid any complications out on the water. So whether you have just purchased one of your own or are going to be riding one for the first time with us, here are a few tips for new jet skiers.

Safety First

Before you even turn the key, you want to be sure that you have the proper attire on for riding a jet ski. A comfortable bathing suit and a life jacket are ideal. You might be being careful while riding, but accidents do happen, so it’s important to keep yourself safe while riding.

First Time Jet Ski TipsHow to Sit

When climbing on to a jet ski, it is important to place your feet in the footrests and to sit with your back slightly bent. The reason for this is that while out on the water, chances are good that you are going to hit some waves. Sitting this way will allow you to absorb the shock of the waves better, and the slightly more forward and compact seating stance also makes turning on the water much easier for novice riders.

Look Out for Others

Similar to when you hit the road for the first time, you always need to be observant and watch out for other vehicles. Make sure you look behind you before making any turns because taking a blind turn could mean you run the risk of turning into another person enjoying the water, not only ruining your day, but also the other person’s. Plus, this could easily turn into a serious – even fatal – accident!


This is the technique of pulling in your jet ski for the day when you’re done. When approaching a dock, reduce your speed to idle to avoid colliding with the dock. Then, when you are close, turn your engine off entirely and coast your jet ski back to the dock.

Woody’s Watersports offers jet ski and waverunner rentals in Madeira Beach, Florida. Our wide variety guarantees you will have a great day out on the water whether you’re heading out by yourself or sharing the ride with other family members or children. Get more information on our rentals or our current specials!

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