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Experience the Majesty of Manatees and Dolphins

Bordered on the west by the Gulf of Mexico, Madeira Beach is a beautiful and popular vacation spot in Pinellas County, Florida. Here in Madeira Beach, Woody’s Watersports is the place to go for parasailing and jet skiing.

DolphinThe Gulf of Mexico is teeming with wildlife, and if you want to give yourself a real treat and see sights you might never see again, go out on the water and watch for dolphins and manatees. The Gulf is rife with these beautiful creatures of the sea, and visitors to the area cannot stop talking about seeing these majestic mammals up close and personal.

The prominence of manatees and dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico is well known, and travelers from all around the globe come to Madeira Beach and all along the coast to get a glimpse of them. It is more than the joy of being in nature and enjoying the outdoors; it is a meeting of other species, a looking in the eyes of beings so different than humans, and the possibility of making a connection. This can be a thrilling moment in anyone’s life.

Manatees are well known for their gentle characters while the playfulness of the dolphin is known all around the world. Both of these animals enjoy the company of people, and that makes encountering them that much more fun. Seeing them in their natural habitat is so special and so different than going to somewhere to see animals are in captivity. They manatees and dolphins of the Gulf are experiencing their utmost freedom, and seeing these majestic animals in the wild while jet skiing or parasailing is an experience one is not likely to forget – ever.

The magic of seeing these magnificent animals in person and observing their natural behaviors is just one step in coming to understand them a little better. Meeting these animals face to face is both an educational and an exciting moment. Those who have had this experience always remember it, get spectacular photographs, and talk about it for a long time afterwards.

You, too, can have a chance to meet the dolphins and manatees of the Gulf up close with a rental at Woody’s Watersports. Many of our customers rave about their experience, and while we can’t guarantee a close encounter with these animals, we can guarantee you’ll have a fantastic time. Learn more or book a reservation for your next trip to Madeira Beach!

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