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Facts About Dolphins’ Social Structure

Dolphin Facts When you rent a jet ski from Woody’s Watersports, you’re likely to see a few dolphins. If you’re like us, you’re probably curious about them.

Here are a few fun facts about dolphins’ social structure:

Dolphins are highly sociable mammals. They live in groups called pods, which are composed of two to 40 dolphins. In some areas with abundant food supplies, they can even form “super-pods” of up to 1,000 dolphins! The pod structure helps dolphins mate, search for food and defend themselves.

Scientists believe that dolphin relationships can be close and long-lasting. Dolphins often rub, pet and even hit each other. Dolphins in the same pod sometimes rest their fins on one another while they swim, which seems to indicate a close friendship. When two pods meet, dolphins engage in what appears to be a greeting ceremony, indicating pre-existing social ties.

Juvenile dolphins often play with one another, tossing objects such as seaweed back and forth or chasing one another. Adults will play with juveniles as well.

Dolphins are extremely curious about humans and will often seek to interact with them. Dolphins frequently develop close relationships with humans who interact with them on a regular basis, such as trainers or researchers.

Now that you know more about dolphins’ social structure, you’re probably looking forward to seeing some. Head on down to Woody’s Watersports to book your rental jet ski today. Adventure seekers of all ages will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Madeira Beach while viewing ocean life and experiencing the thrill of a lifetime!

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