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How to Keep Your Phone Dry While on the Water

Water-Resistant Phone CaseWhen you rent a jet ski or wave runner from Woody’s Watersports, we know you’ll want to take lots of great pictures of the beautiful Madeira Beach scenery. You might even be able to snap pics of a dolphin or two! However, as we all know, water and electronics don’t mix.

Avoid damaging your phone with these handy tips for keeping your phone dry while on the water:

Get a water-resistant phone case

If you want to use your phone while on the water, your best option is to purchase a water-resistant case. A good case will cost around $70 to $100. Know how to read IP (ingress protection) ratings. In the IPXY format, X is the degree to which the case resists the entry of solid objects (sand, wire, etc.) and Y is the degree to which it resists liquid. Look for at least IP68, meaning the case will keep sand out and can resist water to a depth of six feet for at least an hour.

Use a dry bag

If you don’t plan on taking photos but still want to have your phone on you in case of an emergency, you can get a dry bag from most sporting goods stores.

In a pinch, use a ZipLoc bag

While the options above are preferable, a simple ZipLoc can be handy in a pinch!

Now that you know how to keep your phone dry while you’re on the water, what are you waiting for? Book a rental jet ski from Woody’s Watersports today. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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