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Why Do Jet Skis Spray Water?

One of the most exhilarating summer activities is cruising across the surface of the water on a Jet Ski. To appreciate the thrills that these beautiful aquatic machines have to offer, it helps to really understand how they work and why certain features exist. Not only is it good information to know, it’s also a good safety practice as part of enjoying the fun of personal watercraft.

One common question we’re asked is why some Jet Skis have a narrow water stream that shoots upward and out from the back. Have you ever wondered why that is? There are two practical reasons for this – aside from simply looking very cool.

The first reason is to help cool the motor down. The motor works hard to suck water into the vent at the bottom of the machine, and propel it from the back. Some of that water is used to cool down the motor so the watercraft does not overheat. Once the water has completed its cooling duties, it is expelled out the back of the vehicle in a neat water plume.

But why does it shoot up so high and in such a mesmerizing way? That’s reason No. 2: safety. By casting off a tall, visible stream of water, you small personal watercraft is more visible from near and far by other jet skiers or boats. In somewhat the same way that many dune buggies come complete with an orange flag, Jet Skis use water to let fellow aquatic travelers of your whereabouts. Often this is the same water that cools down the motor – a Jet Ski’s way of killing two birds with one stone.

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