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Turning Techniques for the Ultimate Jet Skiing Experience

Jet Ski Turning

Riding a jet ski is the ultimate water sport experience. Whether you are a novice or an expert, Woody’s Watersports offers the latest Jet Ski and personal watercrafts to make your excursion one to remember. However, as you may know from boating or even kayaking or canoeing, navigating a turn in the water can be a bit tricky, so what should you know to take your day on the water to the next level? Check out these tips for turning that will help you be a better rider during your rental with Woody’s Watersports.

Learn About the Equipment

Knowing your watercraft will help you understand how to operate it best. Some personal watercrafts turn better with a severe lean while others perform best with outside pressure. Your Jet Ski’s sponson and trim – which help control the craft when turning – may even be adjustable to help give you a less aggressive and more stable ride. Our team will show you the basics, but don’t hesitate to ask for our help to learn more about your specific craft.

Move Around

To experience a truly fantastic ride, you will need to move out of your seat. Using your body to shift your weight from one side to the other will help you turn your craft. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Not only will you want to move your weight around, occasionally you will want to stand or lean forward. The key to toughing out a rough ride is for your legs to take some of the shock from the waves. Plus, standing and leaning can give you more control and will give your back a rest.

Let Off the Throttle

Another key tip for great turns on your watercraft is to let off your throttle in anticipation of a turn. After letting off for a split-second, engage the throttle to power through the turn. With most of the hull – or the main body of the Jet Ski – in the water, you will be able to turn quickly and skillfully.

For more information on turning techniques, speak to the professionals at Woody’s Watersports. Our passionate team of watersports enthusiasts has helped countless guests in Madiera Beach since 2007, and our experience with waverunners and jet skis can help you have the best time possible. Make a reservation for exciting adventure today!

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