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Tips for Putting a Wetsuit On

Jet Skiing in Madeira Beach In the winter months, when the Gulf of Mexico is chilly, you’ll want to put on a wetsuit to keep yourself warm when you’re out jet skiing on the water. However, it can be challenging to get into your wetsuit: the neoprene can stick and bunch when you try to pull it over your skin.

Never fear—we’ve got some handy tips for putting on a wetsuit:

Start with lycra

 A dive skin or scuba socks under your wetsuit can make it easier to put on.

Size up

A wetsuit that is too small will always be difficult to put on. Some signs that you need a larger wetsuit: it squeezes uncomfortably around the neck, the fabric is stretched thin or it leaves a hollow around the small of your back.

Use some lubricant

Putting a lubricant such as T-Slide or Glide on all exposed skin can make it easier to put on your wetsuit. Bonus: you’ll protect your skin from chafing.

Try a simple hack

Believe it or not, putting plastic shopping bags over your feet can help you pull your wetsuit into position without too much tugging and pulling. When you’re ready to get in the water, just take the bags off your feet. You can also try putting bags on your hands to make it easier to slide the suit up your arms.

When it’s chilly, Woody’s Watersports offers complimentary wetsuits when you rent one of our jet skis. Don’t let the cold water keep you inside—come check us out today!

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