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Things to Consider When Buying a Jet Ski

Jet SkiAt Woody’s Watersports, we’re not only avid Jet Ski riders, but every day we see people try Jet Skis for the first time and watch as they love the experience. Jet Skis are undeniable fun, and many people wonder if it’s something they should buy for themselves after a rental with us. The answer, of course, depends on a number of factors. Here are a few key questions to ask before purchasing one.

Can I Drive It?

Jet skis are simple to operate, but make sure you have a solid knowledge before purchasing one. If you go in without experience, you risk hurting yourself, others or the watercraft itself.

How Often Will I Use It?

This is a major consideration. If you live near water and think it will be a regular part of your weekend plans, than it makes a lot of sense. If you only plan to take it the shore on major holidays, then you might just be better renting.

Do I Know How to Maintain It?

Jet Skis do require special maintenance. Do you know how to do basic maintenance repairs yourself or are you close to a Jet Ski repair expert that can help? You’ll need to take care of your ride just like you do with a car or any other vehicle, so plan on that ahead of time.

What Type Should I Get?

The best way is to ride! At Woody’s Watersports, we have all the newest models, so you can try many different options before you buy, if that’s the route you go. You always want to ride a Jet Ski before purchasing it to make sure it’s the one you want.

New or Used?

That comes down to you. If you want something new, then by all means buy new, but second-hand Jet Skis tend to work just as well, too. Look at the market and see what works for you and your checking account.

Should I Get Professional Advice?

Yes! A Jet Ski is a major purchase, so find someone who knows their stuff, ask questions, take test rides and make sure all questions are answered before you sign on the dotted line.

At Woody’s Watersports, we love Jet Skiing and all manner of fun on the waves. Come in and take one out for a spin and you’ll quickly see why! To schedule a rental or to learn more about taking one of our Jet Skis for a spin, call us today at 727-391-0200 or stop in and see us on John’s Pass.

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