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The Health Benefits of Fresh Air

Fresh Air

Fresh Air When you’re on vacation, it’s a great chance catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation and an opportunity to enjoy yourself with new, fun activities. It’s also a chance to unplug, unwind and reconnect with nature and get out and enjoy the fresh air.

When you book a rental with Woody’s Watersports, you have a great opportunity to get out on the water to enjoy the sun, surf and spray of the ocean. During your ride, you’ll be exposed to the fresh sea air, the ocean water and the Florida sunlight that is all great for your skin and your overall health.

Spending time away from the inside of your home or office and out in nature helps to keep you health and can even increase your immune system. Sickness is almost unavoidable when you’re stuck in an office, sharing germs during cold and flu season. Not only does being out on a ride provide you with an escape from these close-quarter germs, but the vitamin D from the sun and the exercise provided from keeping on board and on balance while on your ride strengthens immune cells in your body.

Being outdoors also makes you happy! Doing a physical activity outside produces endorphins which chemically make you happier, which means you can improve your physical and emotional health all with one ride aboard one of our Jet Skis.

Booking a rental from us is more than just an exhilarating experience – it can actually be quite good for you! Make the active choice and dedicate a day to your physical and mental well-being. Book your rental today with Woody’s Watersports!

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