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Take a Break: Why Taking Vacation Is Important

Vacation Have you ever felt overworked and run down, and found yourself saying, “I just really need a day off”? Well, according to CBS News, you could be one of the 55 percent of employees in the country who aren’t getting enough vacation time. But we’re not talking about not having enough vacation time – the problem here is not taking it.

It is believed that more than 222 million vacation days a year go unused, and CBS suggests it’s because many people in America are what they call “work martyrs.” There’s a fine line between being dedicated and being an unhealthy workaholic, and learning how to take time for yourself and separate your personal life from your office is important. Everyone needs a few days off once in a while to blow off some steam, relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of your working life.

Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project, says that many people don’t take all of their allotted vacation days because they worry that if they leave, they will be laid off or fired while they are away. He says that this worry is a leftover fear from the recession and years of a poor job market. While it’s an understandable fear, the Great Recession is now in our rear view and nowadays you should feel safe to take some time off.  In fact, your employer probably encourages it!

Not taking enough vacation during the year can lead to higher stress levels and a lower quality of work. Taking time away from the office will make you feel refreshed and can boost your productivity and time management when you come back to work.

If you find yourself with a bunch of vacation days piling up and the desire to get out of town for a few days, come on down to Woody’s Watersports! What’s better than blowing off some steam and getting in touch with nature by speeding around on a Jet Ski or taking in the incredible view from aboard a personal watercraft? And if you’re experiencing winter temperatures right now, don’t worry: we’re located in Madeira Beach, Florida, where it’s summer all year long.

Get away from the office – and perhaps the winter chill – and plan a trip to see us here in sunny Florida. Reserve your rental online, or give us a call today at 727-391-0200.

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