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Stock PWC Typically in Need of Touring Enhancement

jet skiWith enhancements to personal watercrafts, extended touring is much more of a reality. The average stock personal watercraft is designed for offshore, short daytrips. They aren’t really meant for extended trips of more than a couple hours. Modifications available for the modern PWC, however, allow for a water craft much more equipped for greater travel.

The typical stock distance range for a jet ski is around 70 miles. But with enhancements available to the more adventurous PWC owner, you could tour more than twice that distance. Modifications allow for auxiliary fuel systems to act as a reserve. Installed directly on the transom, these fuel reserves extend your range up to roughly 150 miles.

Additionally, most PWC are not equipped with GPS. Installing a marine grade GPS is fundamental to planning a trip whereby you may not see shoreline for hours. Marine grade GPS utilizes coordinates trans-ponded from satellite signal rather than radio, imperative for more desolate locations- such as the middle of huge lake or gulf.

Ensuring you’re installing a marine-grade GPS is imperative to your safety before embarking on a long ride. Marine-grade GPS transponders are ideal not only for the much stronger signal, but also the extended battery life. GPS equipment offering at least 16 hours of battery life is recommended. Otherwise, you could find yourself lost at sea.

In addition to these fundamental pieces of equipment, there are also creature comforts to make your tour more bearable. These include long-tour seat backs and enhanced windscreens. You may also want to pack an emergency beacon, extra life jackets, towropes and tow setups. And before your set out, be sure at least two people at home know your travel plans.

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