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Navigating the Waters: Nautical Terms to Know

Nautical Terms

To someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time out at sea, hearing experienced watercraft riders talk to each other could sound like another language! While it’s not actually another language you’re hearing, you are hearing all of the nautical vocabulary that is rarely used on land. When you’re getting ready to spend some time on the water, it’s a good idea to brush up on some of the key terms. Let’s take a look at a few must-know nautical terms.

Nautical TermsUnderway

The first word you should probably learn when you’re getting on a boat is “underway.” When a Jet Ski or boat is underway, that means it’s moving, heading off toward its destination.

Port and Starboard

When you’re on the water, “left hand side” and “right hand side” aren’t the way to describe what lies on either side of you. Instead, the proper words are “port” and “starboard.” Port refers to the left side of the watercraft, and starboard refers to the right side. These two can be tricky, so it’s important to remember which is which! One quick way to remember might be recalling that “starboard” has two R’s and means right.

Bow and Stern

These two may be a little easier to remember – the bow is in front of you and the stern is behind you. And it’s not “bow” like a bow made of ribbon, but “bow” like when you take a bow after a performance.

Ahead and Astern

These terms are easy to follow, too. “Ahead” is almost what you would expect, and describes moving forward in a watercraft. Opposite that is “astern,” which used when a craft is moving backwards or in reverse, whether it’s caused by wind or the motor.

If you’re ready to put all these new vocab words to good use, check out our website now for more information on booking your rental or call us at 727-391-0200 today to schedule your trip out on the waves!

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