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July is UV Safety Month: Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun

52860270_s-300x300Riding a jet ski is a wonderful way to spend time during the summer, but riders must be responsible. Along with following the rules for riding personal watercraft, drivers need to think about protection from the sun.

UV Safety MonthThe United States Department of Health and Human Services has named July as UV Safety Month. It’s a great idea considering how much time people spend out in the sun, especially in the summertime. While riding a jet ski is tons of fun, there is nothing worse than coming home after a day of fun burnt to a crisp.

Let’s look at some keys ways riders can protect themselves from the sun while still enjoying the water this summer.

Board Shorts

You may not want to wear a full wetsuit in the summer heat, but thankfully a number of companies offer board shorts that offer neoprene protection on the interior. These shorts will keep you cool while also protecting you from the sun.

Lycra Shirts

More comfortable than a cotton shirt, Lycra shirts provide UV protection andwon’t sag down to your knees like a standard T-shirt when it gets wet. Lycra shirts will also dry faster, so there’s no need to change after your ride. There are a number of companies to make Lycra shirts that can act as an additional barrier from the sun.

Floppy Hats

Several manufacturers make the classic floppy beach hat that is made out of quick-drying fabrics that also offers protection from the sun’s rays. People sometimes forget about their head and the right hat can help keep both your head and face protected.


This one seems obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. When selecting a sunscreen for a day on the waves, make sure to get a sunscreen that will hold up to the spray and sweat. A number of different sunscreens are aimed at those playing sports or for use while swimming, and while they may be a little more expensive than traditional sunscreens, they are designed to last in these wet conditions. Grab a bottle and make sure to cover your entire body before heading out on the water.

Riding the waves during your watercraft rental is always a blast with Woody’s Watersports, but it’s important to make sure you don’t get burned. Keep these tips in mind when you plan your day on the water. Book a rental or learn more about watercraft availability now!

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