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Importance of Life Jackets

Benefits of Life Jackets Whenever you find yourself out on the water, either for a leisurely boat ride or a fun jet ski adventure, then you need to use a life jacket. However, some people are not sold on the benefits of life jackets. If you are still skeptical, then let’s look at the many reasons life jackets are so important.

Life Jackets Save Lives

The proof is in the numbers. Life jackets save lives. Essentially the equivalent of a seatbelt in a car, life jackets help you float should you fall into the water. According to statistics from the U.S. Coast Guard, of the 78 percent of people who died in boating accidents, 84 percent of them were not wearing their life jackets.

Life Jackets Keep You Warm

When you fall into the water or find yourself stuck in the water for a long period of time, it is not only about being able to float but also about staying warm in cold water. The fact is that proper life jackets wrap snugly around the body, keeping your body temperature where it needs to be until help arrives.

Life Jackets Face You in The Right Direction

If you are ever violently thrown off of a boat or a jet ski, you may hit the water hard. The great thing about life jackets is that most of them are designed to flip you over, so you face the sky instead of into the ocean. That little change could save your life.

Size Matters When Choosing a Life Jacket

While life jackets can do a lot of the work to keep you safe, it is important that the one you choose is suitable for your body type. If a life jacket is too large and it slips right off, then you aren’t doing yourself any favors. On the other side of the coin, if your jacket is too small, it might not keep you afloat properly. Basically, before you even hit the water, find a jacket that fits.

Also, make sure that if you are an adult that you use an adult jacket and if you are a child, you have a child’s jacket. Parents should ensure that a child’s life jacket fits snugly and is free of wear and tear.

At Woody’s Watersports, we are one of the leading Sea-Doo and Yamaha jet ski rental locations in Madeira Beach, but we also make your safety our top priority. If you want to have a wild time on the awesome waters of the Gulf of Mexico, then book a jet ski reservation today!

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