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How to Save for a Vacation

How to Save for a VacationPicture this: it’s Monday morning, and you’re at the office, but your mind is miles away. You’re imagining yourself enjoying cool water, warm sand, maybe a spin on a jet ski …. But then reality kicks in. How will you ever afford a vacation like that?

We’re here to tell you not to despair! With some smart tips, you can save for the vacation of your dreams.

Cut back on unnecessary expenses

You may think a $4 latte is a harmless indulgence, but if you buy one every day, that’s $120 a month! Brew your own cup of coffee at home, and you’re already well on your way to saving for vacation. Same goes for pricey restaurant meals – dust off those cookbooks and save.

Build vacation spending into your budget

Put a certain amount of money away with every paycheck before you have a chance to spend it on something else. Another great tip is to create a vacation savings fund that’s separate from your checking, savings or emergency fund.

Have a yard sale

Spring is around the corner, which will be the perfect time for … you guessed it, spring cleaning! You’d be surprised how many valuable things you probably have lying around your house unused and the proceeds from your yard sale can go towards your vacation fund.

Once you’ve saved up enough for a vacation, why not visit beautiful Madeira Beach, Florida, and check out Woody’s Watersports? Take in gorgeous scenery, roam with the dolphins and enjoy the water from one of our rental jet skis! Contact us today or make a reservation online.

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