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Essential Jet Ski Techniques

PWC tandemOne of the best things about jet skis is that they are accessible to almost everyone. Simply riding a jet ski requires very little skill or practice, and you are free to go slower or faster depending on your comfort level. Of course, you could even ride with a friend or family member if you don’t feel like hitting the water alone. Regardless of how long you’ve been riding jet skis though, there is always more to learn.

For example, why is standing up a popular riding technique? Well, it can actually give you more control over the jet ski itself. That’s because your legs can absorb the impact from hitting higher swells, allowing you to better maneuver the jet ski. Of course, standing up must be done in a safe manner, so you should bend your knees slightly if you’re going to attempt this riding technique.

There are also advantages to sitting while operating your PWC. You will be able to easily lean from right to left as you turn your jet ski in that direction, giving you better control over the entire craft. If you are riding with someone else, you must compensate for the extra weight while turning. You and your partner should lean in tandem while turning the jet ski, and both passengers should remain seated throughout the entire ride.

Employing a few of these pointers will help you better understand your varied riding techniques lets you get the most out of your jet ski experience.

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