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Dolphins May Have Conversations?

Dolphin Conversations

At Woody’s Watersports, there is no secret that we love marine life. We are located right on the Gulf of Mexico and see a whole slew of marine wildlife every day. This can include multiple types of birds, fish and yes, even dolphins.

Recently experts have shown that dolphins may have their own language. Dolphins are regarded as highly intelligent creatures, and this doesn’t come as much of a surprise to us. In the study, two Black Sea bottlenose dolphins were recorded and studied by a Russian scientist and discovered a fascinating interaction between the pair, reports ScienceDirect.

Dolphin ConversationsWhile some experts are excited for this finding, others say that more research is needed. Dolphins communicate in a series of whistles and clicks, also known as “pulses” in the scientific community. After observing the dolphins, researchers theorize that each pulse is a word and each string of pulses is a sentence, according to CNN. Another interesting observation from the study is that the two dolphins in question did not interrupt one another while talking. Instead, they waited until the other one finished before starting their own string.

The lead Russian researcher is now calling for a communication device to be created that could possibly allow communication between humans and dolphins. Others, however, want to see the study results repeated first in an open water setting instead of a lab environment. Either way, we think that a device that would allow us to communicate with dolphins is a pretty cool concept.

If you’re interested in seeing dolphins communicate, at Woody’s Watersports you may have a chance during a personal watercraft rental. Jet Skis and Sea-Doos offer a fun way to explore the ocean waves and can also provide an opportunity to view marine life up close. Learn more about booking a rental with Woody’s Watersports today!

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