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Always Practice Cautionary PWC Operation

jet skiRiding a jet ski is great fun every season. But with it come many inherent risks, so the proper precautions must be taken to ensure you have a fun and safe season on the water. Aside from the obvious, such as always wearing a life jacket and remaining vigilantly aware of your surroundings, there are plenty of things to remember.

It may seem pretty obvious, but don’t drink and jet. Though it may be tempting during the summer months to enjoy a few drinks in the warm summer sun, never operate a jet ski while under the influence. Remember you are putting yourself and other boaters at serious risk of injury with every sip you take.

Always have a a plan in place in the event you go overboard during operation. Aside from the kill switch installed on most modern personal water crafts, you must have in place an means to remount the PWC. And if your craft doesn’t have a kill switch already installed and is older, you should strongly consider having one installed.

Finally, unless you’re a professional stuntman, don’t try showing off. Hitting the wake of other water crafts and boats to catch air may seem like a good idea, but taking unneeded risks such as this is never a good idea. Just like any hobby or thrill you thoroughly enjoy, always practice safety first when on open water. Book a rental now!

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