What Exactly is Red Tide?

Red Tide Madeira BeachIf you live near or are planning a visit to the ocean, you may have heard the term “red tide,” but chances are you’re not 100% sure what it means. So, what exactly is red tide?

Simply put, red tide is a commonly used term for a harmful algae bloom, or HAB.

Algae are simple plants that live in the sea or in freshwater. When certain types of algae grow out of control, they can produce toxins that have harmful effects on people, birds, fish, shellfish and marine mammals. For example, a type of algae called Karenia brevis can cause respiratory and skin irritations in people when it occurs in a HAB. It can also kill large numbers of fish and other sea life and make shellfish poisonous to humans. The term “red tide” can be somewhat of a misnomer, since not all HABs produce a red color and not all colored water is due to HABs.

Red tide occurs most years along the Florida coast. The good news is that cleanup crews work hard to get rid of the algae and make the beach and the water safe. The cleanup around Madeira Beach is largely complete, and it’s safe to enjoy the area’s businesses and beaches.

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Written by Woody