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Benefits of Salt Water

It can be fun and relaxing to spend time in or by the ocean, but did you know salt water has health benefits as well? Here are some of the many ways that spending time near the ocean can be good for you! Skin In addition to salt, seawater contains many other minerals such as… Read more »

Jet Skiing: More Exercise than You Might Think

Jet skiing is a fun and exciting water activity, but did you know that it’s also great exercise? While you might not think so, riding a personal watercraft engages several different muscle groups, making it a wonderful way to work out and keep in shape. Let’s take a closer look at how riding a Jet… Read more »

The Health Benefits of Fresh Air

When you’re on vacation, it’s a great chance catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation and an opportunity to enjoy yourself with new, fun activities. It’s also a chance to unplug, unwind and reconnect with nature and get out and enjoy the fresh air. When you book a rental with Woody’s Watersports, you have… Read more »

Why You Should Take a Fall Vacation

Summer just ended and the holiday season is only a few months away, so you may be focused on work or school at the moment. So you may not be able to travel constantly throughout the year, failing to take a break in the fall can take a heavy toll. Regardless of how your summer… Read more »

ocean health benefits Ocean Living More than Just Fun in the Sun

In the days before modern medicine, all-natural ocean air was considered the cure for almost all illnesses. Science backs this up, concluding a variety of health benefits from moist, salty air off the Atlantic Ocean. Better sleep and skin as well as less respiration problems are just a few health benefits of being near the… Read more »