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5 Facts About the Gulf of Mexico

From dolphins to humans, thousands of species call the Gulf of Mexico their home, and for good reason. As the largest gulf in the world, this body of water is a unique part of our ecosystem, providing support and sustenance for millions of years. Read on to learn more: It formed 300 million years ago… Read more »

Six Facts About the Gulf of Mexico

How much do you know about the Gulf of Mexico? Here are some fun facts: The Gulf of Mexico is the largest gulf on the planet as well as the ninth-largest body of water, covering some 600,000 square miles. If it were stretched across land, it would spread all the way from New York City… Read more »

Animals You Probably Didn’t Realize Existed in the Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is home to a rich variety of wildlife—more than 15,420 species, to be exact. The biodiversity here is truly amazing. Here are some animals you probably didn’t realize existed in the Gulf of Mexico: Killer whales (orcas) Shamu has quite a few cousins in the Gulf of Mexico. About 500 orcas… Read more »