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When’s the Best Time to Visit Florida?

Madeira Beach Vacation

When it comes to vacation destinations within the United States, there are few places as enjoyable as Florida. College kids go there for school breaks, families love the abundance of activities, and seniors love the warm weather.

While Florida seems like a great year-round destination, there are actually better times than others to visit. So when is the best time to plan your trip and what makes it so perfect?

The Best Time to Visit Florida Is Now!

If you haven’t already planned your Florida getaway, then time is of the essence because you are in the middle of the best season to visit. Experts say that the time between now and the end of April is the best window for your trip.

Madeira Beach VacationWhy Is Now the Best Time to Visit?

Well, when it comes to Florida – or any vacation, really – people want to enjoy nice weather. Florida, however, doesn’t always have the most accommodating climate. Once May arrives, the weather changes and turns decidedly warmer and wetter through September. This means there are more rainstorms and much higher temperatures – sometimes 100-degree-plus days!

While the high temperatures can make Florida hot to handle, a bigger issue is hurricane season, which USA Today notes runs from June through November. Of course, storms can happen at any time, but they are more likely during these months, which could lead to heavy winds or rough seas that could sideline your vacation plans. Fortunately, these months are also some of the hottest which means you can likely find some great deals on lodging at this time of year – just keep an eye on the forecast and consider getting travel insurance just in case.

If you are planning a visit to Florida, consider booking your trip soon. Not only will you get the best weather, but there will also be a lot more to do, and one of the best activities to engage in is riding jet skis in the gorgeous waters off Florida’s coast.

At Woody’s Watersports, we are known as one of the best personal watercraft rental locations in the state. Customers come to us time after time because they know that our machines will give them a ride to remember. There is nothing quite like zipping up the waves of the Gulf of Mexico and now is the perfect time to experience it!

Plan a Jet Ski or Sea Doo rental as part of your trip to beautiful Florida. Make your reservation today by calling Woody’s Watersports at 727-391-0200.

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