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What to Know Before Parasailing in Madeira Beach

IParasailing in Madeira Beachf you’re an adrenaline junkie, there are a whole host of watersports that you should think about trying. From waterskiing to wakeboarding, you can experience an adrenaline rush like no other while you’re out on the water. But for the ultimate rush, you should consider parasailing for the first time. It’ll send you soaring high above the water and prove to be a ton of fun.

Here are several things you’ll need to know about parasailing before taking your first trip up into the sky.

There is special equipment that must be used when parasailing

As recently as just a few years ago, there weren’t a whole lot of safety regulations placed on the parasailing industry. But now that it has become a lot more popular, there are rules and regulations in place to protect parasailers. There is also equipment you’ll need to use when parasailing to stay safe. This equipment includes a life jacket, a body harness, a passenger tow bar, a chute, and a towline that connects parasailers to a boat or jet ski.

The weather conditions need to be just right for parasailing to take place

Before you set your sights on going on a parasailing adventure, it’s a good idea to check the local weather report. In order to parasail, you need a little bit of wind but not too much of it. Extremely high winds could lead to choppy seas and make parasailing unpleasant. Your adventure will also be grounded if there are any thunderstorms in the area on the day you want to go parasailing.

Age and weight limits are in place to protect parasailers

Most parasailing companies require parasailers to be at least 16 or 18 years old. There are also weight restrictions that are set for the safety of parasailers. Generally speaking, individual parasailers need to weigh between 150 and 450 pounds to parasail. This same weight limit applies when two parasailers go up at one time.

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