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Romance on the Waves: Take a Ride this Valentine’s Day

Jet Skiing on Valentine’s Day

Jet Skiing on Valentine's Day Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but if you haven’t gotten the perfect gift for your partner yet, don’t worry: Woody’s Watersports is here to help. Why not schedule some romance on the waves this Valentine’s Day?

We admit Valentine’s Day can get a little crazy with all the chocolates and the flowers, but the most important thing about the holiday is spending quality time with your loved ones. At Woody’s, our watercraft rentals that are great for spending a nice Valentine’s Day date together. Whether as a Valentine’s Day date or as a gift to enjoy after the holiday, a rental with us can be a wonderful couple’s activity.

Learn to Ride

What could be more fun than riding a Jet Ski? Rent one for each of you, or have a romantic trip around the bay on one of our two-seaters. Novice riders will receive instruction from our staff before you set out on the water, and in no time at all, you’ll be driving like a pro, cutting through the waves and soaking in the sun with your love.

Check Out the Scenery

Once you’ve headed out onto the water, you’ve got a truly unique view of the coast and region, giving you a totally new perspective on the Madeira Beach area. Take in the sights as you zip along on your Jet Ski, enjoying a beautiful day on the Gulf and the houses, trees and buildings that make the areas to distinctive and appealing.

Wildlife Experiences

Speaking of sights, you may even see something truly remarkable – dolphins or manatees! These majestic sea animals frequently are spotted along the coast and are usually quite curious about people out on the water with them. If you approach slowly and cautiously, you may be able to get an up-close view of these sea mammals enjoying their day, as well, and who doesn’t love to see exotic animals on a date?

Trying a new activity like jet-skiing or parasailing together can strengthen your relationship, and can be a Valentine’s Day gift you both will remember for years to come! To learn more about us or to book your Valentine’s Day rental, call Woody’s Watersports today at 727-391-0200.

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