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Renting vs Buying a Jet Ski

Enjoying Jet Ski rentals in Madiera Beach, Fl

The vacationers and locals of Madeira Beach Florida love to get out on the water and enjoy some leisurely activities such as jet skiing and boating.   For locals, the year round warm weather can be tempting to buy a jet ski rather than rent. We can assure you that if you rent from Woody’s Watersports, you will have made the right choice!

It’s less of a project

Visitors especially, are looking to have a fun-filled time within a short period, so buying isn’t an option for them.  For residents of the area, it is easier to rent a jet ski because there is less stress that comes along with owning a watercraft. The worries about cleaning, repairing, and storing will never cross your mind, and you will look forward to making jet skiing occasional fun, rather than a chore.

Advantages of renting

There are plenty of perks when it comes to renting over buying.  First, you will be able to get the proper equipment and education when going to a rental place instead of buying a water vehicle without any knowledge.  If you are eventually looking to buy a jet ski, renting first could be the best option to see how much you enjoy it.

Why rent with Woody’s Watersports:

  • Provide top of the line water crafts
  • No extra cost when up to three riders
  • Life vests/wet suits
  • Personal orientation classes

These are just to name a few.  It is always good to research your rental companies for the best experience. 

Special events when renting

Rental places offer some exciting tours and events that you won’t be able to do on your own.  With Woody’s Watersports, we have specific tours to make your trip or adventure a memorable one.  Florida Tiki Tours is an excursion we offer that will enhance your experience on the beach. It’s a 90-minute ride on a tiki hut with a group of five.

Looking to rent a jet ski or have an incredible adventure on the Madeira Beach? Contact Woody’s Watersports at (727)-391-0200 for more information on booking and temporary boaters license!

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