Why Protecting Dolphin is the Right Thing to do

No has ever accused dolphins of not behaving peculiarly. Dolphin behavior has always fascinated mankind, a species with which they seem to identify. Dolphins have even been known to save lives of swimmers in danger. There are thousands of recordings of dolphin saving humans from drowning and the dangers of wildlife.   As far back… Read more »

Personal Watercraft Make More Sense to Rent

There are a lot of reasons as to why people choose to rent a water scooter instead of buying their own. One reason is that the upfront cost of buying is significant whereas the rental fee for a day or a few days of use is much lower. For riders that don’t have a large… Read more »

A Few Tips for Your First Time on a Water Scooter

Never taken a ride on a jet ski before? No problem! Keep these tips in mind for a fun and safe first time out on the water. Before you even board the Jet Ski, make sure you’re wearing a life jacket. Even professional watersport athletes wear life jackets so they are always safe. Put on… Read more »

Never Run out of Fun Stuff in Tampa!

Everyone knows the Tampa area enjoys great water access to stretches of the warmest coast in the country. Of course there is amazing beaching, fishing, boating and jet skiing across Tampa. There are even amazing sites to see at Busch Gardens. But when you’re done taking in all the stuff the area is famous for,… Read more »

Keeping Tampa Bay off the Rocks

Did you know Tampa Bay is Florida’s largest open-water bay? More than 400 square miles forming coastal inlets throughout Manatee, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, Tampa Bay is a virtual playground for boaters, swimmers and fishers from all over the world.   The unique fresh and salt water composition in the brackish bay supports and promotes… Read more »

ocean health benefits Ocean Living More than Just Fun in the Sun

In the days before modern medicine, all-natural ocean air was considered the cure for almost all illnesses. Science backs this up, concluding a variety of health benefits from moist, salty air off the Atlantic Ocean. Better sleep and skin as well as less respiration problems are just a few health benefits of being near the… Read more »

DWB Makes for Pricey Day on the Water

Law enforcement is out in full force across the country looking for people that are under the influence of alcohol while operating not just cars, but boats too. As a more relaxed form of transportation, boaters often forget that drinking and boating can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. In fact, the boating… Read more »

Make Pinellas County Your Next Vacation Destination

Pinellas County, Florida is a top vacation destination. With miles of coastal beaches and an astounding 588 miles of coastline, there is no better place to take in the Florida sun. Fishing, boating, sunbathing and taking in the arts are all on visitor to-do lists.   Of the extensive coastline, 35 miles of Pinellas County… Read more »

Proper Watercraft Maintenance

Properly cleaning your personal watercraft is imperative after each use to ensure its longevity. A few simple steps can mean the difference between thermal breakdown from corrosion and a great, lasting investment in your craft. Here are some tips to make sure that your watercraft stays in great shape:   Immediately following each and every… Read more »

Do You Need a Special License to Operate Your Personal Watercraft?

If you are wondering if you need a special license to operate your personal watercraft, the answer isn’t black and white. You may not be required in your state to carry a license for personal watercraft operation, but it is highly advised you do receive some form of training to protect not only yourself, but… Read more »