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How to Prepare for a Florida Vacation

Florida Vacation There’s no doubt about it—Florida is an ideal vacation destination. Beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, great food and an abundance of activities for the whole family should be enough for you to book your ticket right away!

Here’s how to prepare for your next Florida vacation:

Try to unplug

Don’t take work stress with you on vacation. Who wants to answer client emails from a Florida beach chair? Let your clients and colleagues know you’ll be on vacation and turn off automatic email notifications on your phone or tablet.

Let your credit card company know you’ll be traveling

Otherwise, using your card in a different location might trigger fraud alerts and cause the card to be deactivated.

Take some photos

You’re going to want pictures of your vacation, but don’t forget to take a few snaps before you leave home. Photograph your driver’s license and the labels of all prescription meds in case they get lost on your trip.

Check the weather and pack appropriately

Many travelers forget this simple step. Florida weather is generally warm and sunny, but we do get some rainstorms, so a poncho is not a bad idea. Check the weather for when you return home as well, so you won’t be stuck returning home in a snowstorm without your coat.

Plan some fun activities

Might we suggest a jet ski ride in Madeira Beach, Florida? Check out Woody’s Watersports for a day to remember! You’ll enjoy the views from one of our rental jet skis and you might even meet a dolphin or two! Book your reservation today.

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