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Guide to Madeira Beach Parasailing

Madeira Beach ParasailingDid you know that Woody’s Watersports offers parasailing? Don’t pass up the chance to see Madeira Beach and the Gulf of Mexico from a parasail floating high above it all.

Here’s our guide to Madeira Beach parasailing:

Choose the right time

Earlier in the morning is often best, as the weather is typically less windy. If the weather is too foggy, you may need to postpone your parasailing experience. Clear, sunny weather offers the best views.

Wear the right clothes

You’ll have the option of telling your captain you’d like to be “dipped” in the water, so make sure to wear comfortable swim bottoms that fit tightly enough that they won’t fall off. We’ll provide you with a life jacket and harness.

Don’t be nervous

Parasailing ropes are built to hold up to 8,000 pounds of pressure, and the pressure never exceeds 800 pounds. No need to worry about the rope snapping.

Anyone can do it

You don’t need any particular level of physical fitness or preparation to try parasailing.

Stick your landing

When coming back to land on the boat, keep your legs extended straight out, as though you were going to sit on the boat. This ensures a comfortable landing.

Enjoy the view!

There’s no better way to see Madeira Beach. We know you’ll love parasailing in our area!

What are you waiting for? Book your parasailing outing with Woody’s Watersports and get ready to see Madeira Beach like never before. Before or after you parasail, rent one of our Woody’s Watersports jet skis for the full Madeira Beach experience. See you soon!

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